Municipal Basket

In his research Morelos explored the relationship (both sculptural and spacial) in sport areas with their political and social aspects in diverse municipal basketball courts in Oaxaca (Mexico). In ¨Municipal basket¨ series he tackles the sportive, social and political space of the municipal basketball courts, getting closer to the construction of the game, the manifestation of a celebration and the political event at the same place. It represents an exploration of the materials which embark on a political and social situation still present in Mexico. Making use of the dynamic and agile sense that basketball represents on a global level, handcraft and industrial objects coexist in the work in order to reflect on the market and commerce panorama of our days. The project has as starting point sculptural processes which are testimony of the tensions between the intersecting realms of rural vs. urban, handcraft vs. industrial, personal vs. political.

Motecuhzoma, 2018 / Aro de metal para baloncesto, tejido de palma y hoja de oro / 250 cm x 45.7 cm x 57 cm.

Municipal Basket, 2013 / Aro de aluminio para baloncesto, correas de cuero y petate mixteco / 250 x 185 x 57.2 cm.